Version 1.1: some small improvements

This update makes the following improvements:

  • The background will be properly loaded before the main menu screen is shown, to avoid it looking pixellated/blurry at first in the browser.
  • Assets and code have been cleaned up and compressed.
  • This cleanup also included removing a setting related to choices, since there ended up being no choices in Mother of Pearls.
  • When played in a browser from a mobile device the settings screen will no longer include the option to switch between windowed and fullscreen. You can still use the back button on the phone, and this way there is no overfill creating inaccessible choices.
  • The game engine (Ren'Py) has been updated to version 7.4.7, which has multiple fixes for browser games.

This should hopefully make for a smoother playing experience. Hope you enjoy!

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